Dining tables in oak

Dining tables in oak

Dining tables in oak are popular because of their beautiful glow and prominent grain structure. Here you can find Wood Zones in-house produced oak dining tables in different shapes, sizes and with different treatments. Choose a dining table based on your preferences and get a piece of furniture that will last for years.

A dining table in oak is the beautiful and classic choice

It is not by coincidence oak has been a popular material in Danish homes throughout the past many years. The light wood has many great qualities: its look matches perfectly with the light nordic style, the grains in the wood are prominent and gives beautiful organic patterns, and depending on the chosen oil treatment, the finish can vary in different tones. Besides that, solid oak dining tables are very durable and are a good investment that you can enjoy over many years

Through the past decades, the Danish people’s preferred wood type has varied, but oak has gradually become a favorite through the years. This is without doubt because we like to style our homes in light Scandinavian tones, which an oak dining table does beautifully. In many homes, the kitchen is where the dining table is usually placed, the heart of the home, which is why we have a special focus on the good classic materials.

Choose between round and rectangular dining tables in oak

Do you prefer the traditional rectangular oak dining table or does the round dining table with room for good conversation over dinner have your heart? At Wood Zone, you can have both – and regardless of whether you have fallen in love with a rectangular or a round table, you can get it in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. All our oak dining tables are also available with one or two extension leaves, so you can have even more room for good company around the table. The extension leaves are available in both solid oak or black MDF.

The rectangular dining tables in oak are popular because they are easy to fit in most rooms with their rectangular shape, and there are room for many people around them. The round dining tables in oak have some other qualities – here, all guests around the table can look each other in the eyes and participate in the conversation. In a square room, a round table can soften up with its organic shape.

The colour of your dining table in oak can be adjusted with the right treatment

When you have decided on a dining table in oak, you also have to choose the treatment and thereby the colour of the table. We offer three different treatments that each provide a different colour and glow to your dining table. The oil “Pure” is an un-pigmented oil that gives the wood a warm glow from the natural warm colour of the oil. You can also choose the colours “Natural” and “White 5%”, which are both more or less infused with white pigment and thereby keeps the wood in a lighter nuance If you want to see the colours with your own eyes, you can easily order colour samples in the shop.

Be aware that the colour of your dining table in oak changes through time as the sun hits it and you use it. In order to take as good care of it as possible, you should avoid placing it in direct sunlight, and in the first couple of months it is a good idea to avoid placing things such as vases on the table.

Furniture carpentry with heart and roots in Northern Jutland

At Wood Zone, our passion for the traditional craftmanship goes hand in hand with our love for creating unique furniture that adds some edge to your home. Our furniture is not only beautiful to look at, it is also made from the best materials on our own carpentry in Northern Jutland. To us, a piece of furniture is much more than just that – it is part of your daily surroundings and should help to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

If you have questions or special enquiries, you are welcome to contact us. Send an e-mail or call us at +45 2258 2411. We look forward to help you.

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