Wooden interior

At Wood Zone we have a carefully selected selection of different interior products. In the selection we have lamps in both metal and wood, mirrors, and wooden cutting boards. All of which are designed and specifically selected to add a personal touch to the home, and invite nature inside.

Sustainability and design

The majority of our interior products, e.g. our round mirrors with wooden frame and our solid wooden cutting boards, are primarily made from excess wood from the furniture production. This way, we reduce waste of high quality wood, and at the same time get gorgeous interior products for the home. However, even though our cutting boards and round mirrors are primarily made from up cycled wood, the designs are not compromised. All our interior products are developed to fit into the rest of our product range so materials and style recur.

Many looks and options

As with our other products, we have also put some thought into creating versatile interior products, to which you can choose the expression, colour combination, or material that fits into your home. Are you into an elegant pendant in brass or do you prefer one in nice oiled oak?

There are many options and we have tried to create interior products that fit into both the small city flat and the large villas. Our mirrors and cutting boards are, e.g., available in a wide range of sizes, so there is a cutting board that fits every type of kitchen and need, and a mirror for both the large bathrooms or the small hall.

Danish production

All Wood Zone interior products are produced in Denmark. The vast majority, such as our cutting boards and the wooden frames for round mirrors, are produced by us at our own carpentry. However, the steel- and metal components are delivered by our business partners/subcontractors – but always with production in Denmark. To us, keeping the majority of production on our own carpentry or at least keep the production in Denmark, is a way of ensuring high quality and a more sustainable production.

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