Ask for our FSC®-certified products. At Wood Zone, we are FSC®-certified under the number SCS-COC-005763-AT, and we have a large selection of products made from FSC®-certified wood.

Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council, and is a world wide certification scheme for wood- and paper products, which ensures responsible resources and raw materials. FSC was established in 1993 through collaboration between different companies, organisations and the forestry indutry. The goal with the certification is to ensure good conditions in the forestry – for both environment, people, and the animals.

To get a FSC certification, forests must meet certain requirements. These requirements involve e.g. specific harvest limits – i.e. there can only be harvested a certain amount of trees in a certain period of time, to ensure new trees will have time to grow, and the forest will this way be restored. The locals in the forest area must be able to ude the forest and the forest owners must be paid a fair amout for their timber. Besides that, the people who work in the forest are ensures good conditions with the right education, safety equipment, salary etc.

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Another central part of the FSC® certification is to ensure traceability in the wood. In order to obtain a FSC® certification, the wood must be traceable back to which forest it originates from. This requirement is an essential part of being able to ensure that the finished product is actually made from certified wood.

At Wood Zone, we have been FSC® certified since 2016, and it is with pride we produce products sourced from well regulated conditions for both nature, people, and the animal life which is also part of the forest. When you buy a product from Wood Zone, you can therefore easily detect whether a product is made from FSC® certified wood, when you choose the material for your product. If you are unsure about anything regarding our FSC® certification or the certified products, feel free to contact us. You can also read more about the certification at the official website for FSC®.

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