Chairs in wood

Wood Zone chairs are made focusing on classic and timeless design. To us, it is important to create furniture that can stay in the home for many years and be remain part of the home decor through the years, even when the home style changes. Besides that, Wood Zone chairs are made from long lasting materials that can be freshened up and get new life.

Comfort is key

One key factor when we create chairs is that is has to be good to sit on. A dining chair, for instance, is a type of chair you spend a lot of time sitting on. This is also why it has to be comfortable but of course without compromising the aesthetics.

We are also aware that seating comfort in a chair can be very subjective. People are build differently and have different postures, which is also why a chair that is good for one person might not be great for the other. Because of this, at Wood Zone we also try to offer different options that can increase the comfort in the chair for each person. For instance by offering back padding for our dining chairs. Some customers think that padding on the back of the dining chair adds extra comfort, whereas others like the back of the chair better without.

Versatile design for every home

Wood Zone chairs are, like all our products, designed to match with the whole product range. Our dining chairs, for instance, go with all our dining tables. Hence, the chair goes with both a plank table and a round dining table. Also, you can choose between a black or a cognac coloured leather seat, depending on what matches you other furniture in your home or the personal style.

Danish production

All current and future Wood Zone chairs are, like our other products, produced in Denmark. This is a conscious choice we have made to ensure high quality in our chairs. Besides that, we try to produce our products in the most sustainable way as possible, and we believe that the more local our production is, the more sustainable and transparent it becomes – this of course counts for both Wood Zone chairs as well as the rest of the product range.

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