A furniture carpentry that cherises the proud danish craft traditions

It all started back in 2015 when the first Wood Zone plank table saw the light of the day in a small carpentry in Northern Jutland. At first, it was mostly a hobby and we enjoyed spending our sparetime creating something that actually ended up in people’s homes. As time passed, more time and late hours were used at the carpentry, and it became more difficult to leave the sawdust and smell of wood. After approximately four years it was time to put it all at stake and do it full-time.

Since them we have been busy. The small carpentry was replaced by one that is four times as big – of course still in Northern Jutland. New products were developed, and now both dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, mirrors etc. are part of our collection. Eventhough we are proud of the fixed product selection we have developed, we also love to make custom solutions in wood for both private homes and businesses. We are a furniture carpentry and we cherise the proud Danish craft tradition. In 2015 our product were produced at our own carpentry, which they have done ever since and will continue to.

Furniture is not just furniture.

The vision with Wood Zone is, put shortly, to create crafted furniture in wood with quality and design as the main focus. To us, furniture is not just furniture. The things we fill our homes with should create happiness, moods and a personal touch. Not two pieces of Wood Zone furniture are the same, and eventhough we have a fixed product range, every knot and grain in the wood is unique.

The whole idea with Wood Zone is to create versatile and timeless furniture, but with the oppotunity to make a personal touch or a have a special wish come true. That is the benefit of producing our products from scratch at our own carpentry. Wood Zone furniture is supposed to fit into the modern, stylish and practical newly build house but also the city apartment with angled walls and small cozy corners.

We want to create furniture with focus on sustainability. We do not believe that you can ever reach perfection, cause there is always more you can do in order to have a sustainable production – both in regards to the environment and humans. Read more about the things we already do on our CSR site.

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