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Make a booking and visit our unmanned showroom in Aarhus whenever you have the time.

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Showroom in Aarhus
Klamsagervej 27-29,
8230 Åbyhøj, Aarhus

Come visit our showroom in Aarhus

The showroom in Aarhus is a collaboration with Urban Hald. It is an unmanned showroom where you make a booking and receive a code that can be used to open the door – whenever it suits you. Here you can see a selection of our standard product selection of e.g. dining tables, coffee tables, dining chairs and pendants. The selection will be swapped out continuously and you can see in the below which products are exhibited right now.

When you have visited the showroom, you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about a product, care and maintenance or anything else. You can also navigate directly to our shopping site and order a product.

The following furniture is exhibited:

Explore our showroom and be inspired

The idea behind the showroom is to make is possible to see and feel the products. It is a huge desition when you invest in new furniture, which is also why we see the importance in creating the oppotunity to see all details and joints on the furniture, feel the surface and ensure that you pick the right look.

In the showroom in Aarhus we exhibit with Urban Hald, who sell e.g. wooden froors and micro cement. This way, you can see out furniture and interior products in differnt settings and get a feeling of what furniture, material and treatment is best suited for your personal style in your home.

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