Beds in wood

The Wood Zone bed frame was our first product directly aimed at the decor of the bedroom, and thereby away from the dining room. The idea behind the Wood Zone bed frame was to create a piece of furniture for the bedroom that can follow you through all moves throughout your life. Besides that, it made sense to us to create the opportunity to also get Wood Zone furniture in the bedroom, and this way create coherence in the furniture style from the dining room and living room and into the bedroom through the Wood Zone bed frame.

The bed frame for every home style

The bed’s design is timeless yet with the option of adding a personal touch and change the appearance. The bed frame is made out of solid wood, and is available in regular or smoked oak and in solid walnut. The choice of material and treatment makes it possible to give the bed frame the look that matches each bedroom style. Whether you like light oak or the dark warm walnut, we got something that fits every taste.

Another way in which the Wood Zone bed frame can add some personal touch is through the possibility of buying bedside tables and headboard. You can choose one or two integrated bedside tables, depending on where the bed should be placed and fit within the bedroom. Likewise, you can purchase a headboard as well. Headboard and bedside tables are easy to demount and this way, the bed design can be changed depending on the expression you like.

Big variety in sizes

One important factor for us when we developed the Wood Zone bed frame was to make it available in a wide variety of sizes. The bed frame is therefore available in the standard sizes of one-person bed, queen size and king size, and besides that we also offer the bed in either 200 cm long or the extra length of 210 cm.

Quiet nights in Danish quality bed

We produce our bed frames ourselves at our own carpentry, so it is a real handcrafted Danish produced bed. This way, we make sure the quality of our bed frames is high, so tha everyone who has a Wood Zone bed frame can calmly go to bed.

Wood Zone bed frames come without the madras but it fits both box madrases and regular madrases. So, if you already have a madras at home, you can easily use it for our wooden bed frame.

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