If the forest did not exsist neither would Wood Zone.
Which is why we do what we can to maintain sustainable
forestry. Read more about Wood Zone's CSR initiatives here on the page.

Made in Denmark

As a business, we of course have a responsibility for both environment, humans, and animals. Our social responsibility (CSR) is a core element at Wood Zone. All out products are produced in Denmark at our carpentry in Northern Jutland. This way, we ensure the quality of each products lives up to our standards. Besides that, we of course also avoid the transportation of export products from abroad to Denmark, and avoid that link in the process. This way, it is only our raw materials that has to be transported to us before we have a finished product. Here we also prioritise a combination of quality and as little transportation as possible, when we select our wood types.

Quality goes hand in hand with durability, and we always work to optimise and develop our products so they have as long a life span as possible. Here, our selection of wood types is again essential. Our standard selection of e.g. dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, bedframes, benches etc. are produces from solid hard wood. The word “hard wood” of course implies that the wood is very hardy and therefore, it is ideal for furniture, which is supposed to last for many years.

Our ambition with the way we produce is to move away from the “throw-away-mentality” and instead create products with timeless designs from raw materials that last in many years.

In 2018 we, as a company, choose to get FSC certified. This means that we can use FSC certified wood and have tracking on e.g. where all our oak comes from. Read more about our FSC certification here.

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Suppliers and partners

We cannot do everything by ourselves but select our business partners and suppliers carefully.

As mentioned, we are FSC certified and use e.g. FSC certified oak for production of our furniture. We buy the wood from Danish supplies that we trust, and that are of course also certifies to sell certified wood.

Besides that, we also oil the wood with Oil Pluc 2C from Rubio Monocoat, which is an environmentally friendly wood oil without solvents. The oil is food safe and has Eurofin’s label, which is the highest cetification for indoor air comfort.

All our steel components are produced in Denmark and are made of solid powder coated steel. This way, we ensure high quality and a short shipping from the supplier to us.

Maximum exploitation of raw materials

Another essential part of Wood Zone’s CSR profil is that we do all we can to avoid wasting good raw materials. When we started producing wooden furniture, we quickly discovered that there was a lot of wasted wood from the production. Therefore, we began thinking about how we could exploit the leftover wood. Not much time went by before we expanded our product selection to not only involve furniture but also interior products.

The first product was our WZ.40 cutting boards, which are produced from excess oak and have details of excess walnut from production. Here we collect excess wood and use it to produce cutting boards in different sizes so we can exploit both larger and smaller pieces of excess wood.

Shortly after, the idea to use to smallest pieces of excess wood for mirror frames in wood occured. After a while of developing, we ended up withthe round WZ.41 mirror. The small square pieces of wood were combined to make the round shape and resulted in a nice round mirror frame with the beautiful contrast between the square pieces og wood and the round shape of the mirror.

Our round mirrors and cutting boards are, thereby, one way in which we try to reduce our waste of high-quality solid wood. Neither the quality or design is comprimised, but what would elsewise have been wasted has gained new life.

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