Dining tables

Dining tables in wood

A dining table in wood is a beautiful and timeless addition to every home and a natural place for gathering friends and family. A wooden dining table adds personality, warmth, and natural beauty to the room, and there are various different types of wood and different designs to choose from. 

Create the right atmosphere with a wooden dining table

A dining table in wood is much more than just a practical piece of furniture, used for dining. It is a noticeable part of the dining, kitchen or family room design, and for many people, this is where the family and friends gather to talk about this and that, and enjoy each others company.

The dining table is the obvious place to gather around meals, but it is also where you play board games, enjoy a glass of wine or read the paper with a cup of coffee. In short, it is the type of furniture that plays a big role in everyday life, which is why it has to fit your needs.

With a beautiful wooden dining table, you have the best foundation to make a well set table, which can be the centre of some lovely times with family and friends. A dining table in wood does not need a table-cloth or anything like that, as the table is very beautiful and decorative in itself, and the durable material can easily tolerate abrasion and daily use. Just remember totake care of your wooden furniture to create the best conditions for them to stay nice in many years..

Long or round dining table in wood?

When you have to choose the wooden dining table that will move into your home, there are some things to consider. First of all, you need to take into account how big your dining area is and the number of people you need room for around the table. Our smallest table fits four people while the largest have room for up to 14 people. All of our dining tables in wood are, however, available with extension leaves. This makes the furniture even more versatile as it can both be used for few people in everyday life and for a lot of guests at festive occasions.

You should also consider the shape of the table, when you are looking for the perfect match. In our selection, you can find round and long dining tables in wood and we also have the popular rustic plank tables with solid planks of oak or walnut. 

Lastly, it is of course also important to choose a wooden dining table that gives you the right gut feeling. It is a type of furniture that has noticeable role in the home, which you can have for many years, and for that reason, it should also resonate with you.

Large selection of dining tables in wood

At Wood Zone, we offer a wide selection of wooden dining tables of the highest quality. We produce our furniture ourselves at our own carpentry in Northern Jutland, and you will be able to see our great passion for the craftsmanship in each and every piece of furniture.

You will find wooden dining tables in different types of wood and treatments, which has a big influence on the finished look of the table. You can find dining tables in oak in the colours “Pure”, “Natural”, “White 5%” and smoked oak in “Pure”. We also make tables with either wooden legs or steel legs, so yet again you have the opportunity to fit it to your taste.

Do you have a wish to have a dining table made in your specific measurements or something else? We offer custom solutions to both private homes and businesses, so you are welcome to contact us for more information on possibilities.

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