Dining tables in walnut

Dining tables in walnut

Are you on the look for a beautiful and durable table that screams exclusivity, you will find it in the selection of dining tables in walnut. Choose between round and rectangular dining tables in different sizes, all of which have a warm glow and beautiful grain structures.

A dining table in walnut will give you quality for many years

Walnut furniture does not only stand out because of their deep glow and beautiful and significant grain structure. Another positive quality of the wood is its steadiness which means that the furniture is still beautiful and steady in its original shape even after many years. This makes a dining table in walnut a good choice if you want a table that you can enjoy for more than just a limited period of time, and if you want a long lasting and classic piece of design in your home. Like other wood types, walnut also changes a bit with the years but with the right re-treatment and care, it will not make your dining table less beautiful.

All our dining tables in walnut are available with extension leaves, which can make your table even more versatile and make room for more guests. Choose between a singe or two extension leaves – they are available in both solid walnut with the same oil treatment as the table or in black MDF.

Unique dining tables in walnut from our carpentry in Northern Jutland

In our own furniture carpentry in Northern Jutland almost everything is possible. Vi work with care, dedication and love for the craftsmanship, and because of that, the beautiful dining tables in walnut have our hearts. The wood’s intense and dark colour have a special sense of timeless elegance, and grain structures that adds the organic and living touch, which is unique for every single table.

If you let your fingers slide on a table top in walnut, you will not doubt how special and exclusive this type of wood is. You can clearly feel it. We produce the beautiful dining tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, and if you wish for a personal touch, this is also a possibility, as the tables are produces from scratch in our own carpentry.

How to maintain your walnut dining table

When you choose walnut for your dining table, you will as mentioned get a very durable piece of furniture that will stay pretty for years. However, it does require the correct re-treatment and care. All our dining tables in walnut are treated with an un-pigmented oil, and it is important to regularly re-treat the table with the same type of oil as is was originally treated with.

Additionally, the table must not be cleaned with every type of cleaning agent – in that case the oil is at risk of damage, which makes it more likely that the table will be discolored and get scrapes. In stead, you should go for cleaning- and care products that are suited for the kind of treatment your table has been given. We of course sell all the necessary products here on the shop.

Do you have questions or special wishes?

Are you considering a dining table in walnut and have questions regarding that? Then you are more than welcome to contact our costumer service. Thar also applies if you want a special fitting some furniture or another personal touch. To contact us, you can call +45 2258 2411 or send us a mail on – and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to help you with your new crafted furniture.

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