Dining tables in smoked oak

Dining tables in smoked oak

A dining table in smoked oak has a certain warmth and intense colour that adds character to the room and draws the eyes attention. The selection of dining tables in smoked oak is wide in terms of sizes and shapes, so you can get a table that fits perfectly into your home.

A dining table in smoked oak with warmth and soul

Dining tables in smoked is similar to other tables in oak, when it comes to qualities such as durability and functionality. However, the colour is something special – the smoked oak has a warn intense colour that appears very different from classic oak.

We proudly hold onto the good craftsmanship in the production of our tables in smoked oak, which is also why we of course smoke the wood used for the tables ourselves. The colour is darker and more intense than walnut and thereby also the darkest in our selection – this provides a look of exclusivity that without doubt will draw attention from everyone visiting your home. A dining table in smoked oak is not only a functional piece of furniture, it is also a statement when it comes to design and home decor.

Pick a rectangular or round dining table in smoked oak

When it comes to creating different aesthetics for a dining table, colour is one thing but the shape of the table is something else. The two most common shapes are the rectangular and the round table, which have each their benefits. The rectangular table fits into most living rooms and kitchens. The shape is rectangular and fits the ground plan of most homes. Besides that, it is easy to place quite a lot of people around a rectangular table, especially if it has a certain length.

The round table has the benefit that everyone around the table can look at each other, which also makes it perfect for social gatherings such as friend- and family dinners and board game nights.

Regarding size, you should nok worry whether you choose a rectangular or round dining table in smoked oak. All of our dining tables are available with one or two extension leaves in order to create more space around the table Choose between extension leaves in solid wood or black MDF.

Experience a dining table from our carpentry in Northern Jutland

At Wood Zone, you not only get a table in the best materials when you buy a dining table in smoked oak. You get a dining table created at our own carpentry with care, love for craftsmanship, and a desire to move the boundaries within beautiful and functional design. We believe that good furniture is the kind of furniture that gets a place in your home for many many years. That is why our dining tables are, firstly, durable and, secondly, the design is so timeless that is stays relevant regardless of the shifting trends.

How to take care of your smoked oak dining table

Our dining tables in smoked oak are treated with un-pigmented oil. For the tables to maintain their original appearance, it is important to re-treat them – and only with the same types of products they were originally treated with. Also cleaning and care products have to be specifically for furniture treated with the specific treatment your table is. In our opinion, we have selected the best products on the market for this, which is the oils and care products from Rubio Monocoat. You can of course find them here on the shop.

Besides that, furniture in solid wood should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as it can dry out the wood and contribute with negative consequences such as cracks and changes in the furniture’s colour. In the first months, it is a good idea to keep the surface of the table naked when you are not using the table.

Contact us if you have any questions

If you have any questions regarding our dining tables in smoked oak or other products in our selection, you are welcome to contact us or +45 2258 2411.

Because we have our own carpentry, we can also accommodate special wishes and enquiries if you want to put a personal touch on your furniture.

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