If you are looking for a beautiful and durable indoor bench, you can find our selection of wooden benches here. We have two bench models to which you can choose size, wood type and edge profile so you get a personalised design that fits into your home.

Indoor benches for every type of home

With a beautiful wooden bench it is easy to create a nice atmosphere, regardless of which room you place it in. A bench in wood is perfect for tying shoes in the entrance or at the end of the bed where you can use it for storage or as a raw element in the bedroom. Thereby, it is possible to combine home decor and functionality when you buy a bench from Wood Zone.

With our standard selection, we try to match every customer’s needs, so you can find something for every taste. The vision for Wood Zone is to create crafted furniture focusing on design and quality, and we thing that every home deserves exquisite wooden furniture. This is course also kept in mind in our selection of indoor benches, where you will get a piece of furniture in a natural and elegant design that fits every style. With a Wood Zone bench you can add the cosy atmosphere to both a modern home and the more traditional luxury flat, regardless og whether you are more into raw planks or a more simple design. 

Unique and timeless benches for indoor use

At Wood Zone we select only the highest quality wood for our benches. As every piece of wood is unique with its grain structure and knots, no Wood Zone furniture is the same. This, on the other hand, gives you a piece of furniture with a unique look that cannot be redone. To make our furniture even more personal, you get to choose which type of wood you want the bench to be made of and which treatment should be used. On the product site you can also see the available edge profiles, so you can get a bench with a 20 degree edge, perpendicular or natural edge..

All our benches are available in the same material and treatment as our other furniture. This way, you can for instance buy an indoor bench for the kitchen and combine it with our dining tables og dining chairs. Get more seats with a bench or let it simply be a decoration – you decide, and only your imagination is the limit.

A wooden bench

At Wood Zone we have a fixed selection of benches in solid wood, which are available in classic oak, smoked oak or walnut. Each type of wood has a different look and you can also get the oak treated with oil infused with white pigment for a lighter or darker finish. The following treatments are available.

  • Oak in RMC Pure (un-pigmented)
  • Oak in RMC White 5%
  • Oak in RMC Natural
  • Smoked oak in RMC Pure (un-pigmented)
  • Walnut in RMC Pure (un-pigmented)

If you are unsure about which type of wood and treatment that fits your home, you can order our colour samples. With the samples, you get the above treatments and a coupon on the value of the samples that can be used for furniture or interior products on our webshop. 

Passion for furniture carpentry

At Wood Zone we care for our craftsmanship, which is build on love for the traditions. Therefore, we can create lovely furniture such as our indoor benches, which add something special to every type of home. However, our products are not only pretty to look at. All our benches are produces at our own carpentry in Northern Jutland where we select the exact wood that fits the best. Both the design and the customer’s choice of look is taken into consideration, and we always make sure to select the wood that is best suited for the product. If you for instance want a plank bench, we make sure you will get a solid bench, which still has the timeless and Scandinavian design which characterises a Wood Zone product. 

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions for our indoor benches or some of our other wooden products? You are more than welcome to contact us at or +45 2258 2411, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can also accommodate special wishes and enquiries, if you want a piece of furniture with a more personal touch are special fitting.

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