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Wooden coffee tables

A coffee table in wood is a timeless classic, which fits in every style and home. The wood adds warmth, and a natural and rustic charm to your home, and a wooden coffee table is a practical and beautiful addition to your home decor, which stays beautiful and relevant in many years..

Make room for gatherings in you living room with a wooden coffee table

There is no doubt that a coffee table in wood is a piece of furniture that will be a focus point in your home decor. It adds warmth and edge, and brings a nature-like and rustic vibe. It naturally becomes the gathering place at the sofa for friends and family.

Our wooden coffee tables are available in different designs, from the stylish and classic to the more modern designs. So whether you live in a newly built house with a minimalistic style or your home has small details and oblique angles, a wooden coffee table is a great choice to put the icing on the cake in your living room or kitchen. Do you have a large entrance or hall, our coffee tables can also function as a display for i.e. a vase, table lamp or the like.

Wooden coffee tables from Wood Zone are available in different sizes and are hence suitable for different rooms and needs. If you have a small living room, a smaller wooden coffee table may be a good solution, as it does not take up too much space. If you have a larger living room, you can choose a larger wooden coffee table that fits the proportions of the room and functions as a central part of the room. Wood Zone wooden coffee tables are available in the following sizes (table top diameter)

  • Ø60 cm
  • Ø80 cm
  • Ø90 cm

Material and treatment on wooden coffee table

Oak is a popular type of wood for coffee tables, as it is a very durable and strong material. Oak has a warm colour and a beautiful grain structure, which can add a nice and nature-like vibe to your home. Besides that, oak can be treated with different types og surface treatment, which gives the wood different expressions and enhances the durability and protects it from daily use.

Other popular wood types for coffee tables include walnut, which is known for its dark colour and beautiful nuances. And it can add an understated elegance and exclusivity to your home.

At Wood Zone, we have made it possible for you to choose a coffee table in exactly the material and treatment that fits your style. We offer the following materials and treatments for our coffee tables:

  • Oak, RMC Pure (un-pigmented)
  • Oak, RMC White 5 %
  • Oak, RMC Natural
  • Smoked oak, RMC Pure (un-pigmented)
  • Walnut, RMC Pure (un-pigmented)

The nuances on our coffee tables thereby varies from very light to dark and warm tones. The same table is therefore available in very different looks. If you are unsure about which material and treatment to choose, you can order our colour samples farveprøver. You get a coupon that matches the price of the samples, which can be used on our furniture and interior products. The choice of table legs and frames also has a great influence on the overall look of the table. You can choose between powder coated steel or wood that matches the table top.

Take care of you wooden coffee table to make it last a life time

A wooden coffee table is an investment that can last a life time. It can even be passed on to new generations, and that way gain renewed life and pass on the story behind. To give your coffee tables the best conditions to stay beautiful for a long time, you can preferably maintain it continuously when needed.

Our recommendation is to maintain your coffee table with the same products as they were treated with in production. We only use quality products to treat our furniture, which you can alsoshop here, and we of course also offer a wide selection of soap, oil etc. that can be used to maintain a beautiful coffee table and extend the life span rapidly. If you have questions regarding how to maintain your Wood Zone wooden coffee table, you are more than welcome to contact us – we are always ready with friendly and professional guidance.

A wide selection of wooden coffee tables at Wood Zone

You can find a wide selection of wooden coffee tables at Wood Zone and all of them have one thing in common – that they are made on our own carpentry in Northern Jutland. You will see and feel our passion for the craftsmanship in each and every coffee table.

Do you want to see and feel our wooden coffee tables before you make a decision? This is possible in our showrooms in Nørresundby and Aarhus. You can easily book a visit, and be sure to have access at the wanted time.

Do you want a wooden coffee table in special measurements or do you have any specific wishes for your future favorite piece of furniture? We offer custom solutions to both private homes and businesses. Feel free to contact us for more information on the possibilities.

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