Coffee tables in walnut

Coffee tables in walnut

A coffee table in walnut adds an elegant and luxurious look to your living room. Walnut is known and loved for its beautiful dark, deep colour and unique grain structure, which adds character and warmth to the styling of both modern and classic homes.

Add warmth to the living room with a coffee table in walnut

Many modern homes today are characterised by large light surfaces, which creates a light and welcoming home. But it you want contrast in your home, a coffee table in walnut would be the obvious choice. A walnut coffee table brings a completely unique kind of glow to the room and it might be just what is needed to break with the otherwise very light home.

Does your home has a lot of little details, angles and different colours, then a coffee table in walnuts might just be the missing piece of the puzzle in your home decor, as it helps calming and tie the whole room together.

Our coffee tables in walnut have focus on organic shapes with the visible grain structures that help to break the very straight lines that most homes have. You can choose between table legs in wood and powder coated steel, depending on whether you prefer a classic or more modern look for your coffee table. All of our coffee tables in walnut are made in timeless and stylish designs with beautiful detailing what fits all homes, regardless of the style. 

Take good care of your walnut coffee table to extend its life span

A crafted coffee table in walnut is an investment, and for many people, it requires a lot of thinking, as the coffee table is a huge part of the TV room. On the contrary, you get an extremely durable table, which have a long life span with the correct care. A walnut coffee table is not part of a fast fashion trend – it is a timeless piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime, and it can even be passed on to future generations.

Therby, you do yourself and your coffee table in Walnut a favour by making sure to maintain it properly. This way, you extend the table’s life span and ensure it will keep its beautiful glow and warm tines in many many years. You can find our selection of care products here, which is the same care products we use in the production of our wooden furniture. By using the same products after, you create the best conditions for your table to remain pretty and durable.

Read more abour maintenance of wooden furniture or contact us if you are unsure how to take care of your Wood Zone walnut coffee table in the best way possible. 

Find a coffee table in walnut at Wood Zone

At Wood Zone, er are proud of our products. We are proud of the materials and the thorough craftmanship that is behind the creation of every single piece of furniture. All of our products are produced on our carpentry in Northern Jutland with focus on the proud Danish crafting traditions. It has been that way since the beginning in 2015 and it will stay like that.

We have our standard range of furniture here on the site, but we also love to make custom solutions for both private costumers and business. You are, therefore, very welcome to contact us if you have a special wish for a certain measurement or the like, for you walnut coffee table.

Have you fallen in love with a coffee table in walnut, but you want to experience it first hand before you make your final decision? Visit our showrooms in Nørresundby orAarhus, where you kan see and touch the beautiful wooden tables.

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