Coffee tables in smoked oak

Smoked oak coffee tables

At Wood Zone, we proudly present our impressive collection of coffee tables in smoked oak. Smoked oak, our darkest wood type, adds a deep and intense colour, along with a rich glow to our coffee tables. It is a unique and timeless choice for your living room, which creates a stunning contrast in bright Nordic homes or fitting perfectly in a more opulent interior style. We smoke the oak ourselves and treat it with the “Pure” un-pigmented oil, which both protects and enhances the dark glow.

An exclusive touch with smoked oak

Coffee tables in smoked oak are more than just furniture; they add an exclusive touch to your decor. The dark and intense color that characterises smoked oak create a sophisticated ambiance in your living room. Each smoked oak plank is unique, featuring its distinctive grain structures, adding unique beauty to each table. You get the natural organic grain structures of the oak but in the dark, intense shade that emerges when we smoke the oak. The chemical process that occurs during oak smoking, revealing tannins, will vary from piece to piece, ensuring your smoked oak coffee table is genuinely unique, as no two pieces of wood used for these tables will be exactly alike.

Round, square, and rectangular smoked oak coffee tables

Whether you prefer round, square, or rectangular coffee tables, you can find the perfect table in our selection of smoked oak. The “Pure” un-pigmented oil treatment imparts a natural glow to the wood, emphasizing its depth and character. Our smoked oak coffee tables are not just practical furniture; they are beautiful pieces of art that can transform your living room.

Durability and beauty in one piece

Smoked oak is known for its durability and resilience, making our coffee tables in this wood type an investment that will last for decades. The “Pure” un-pigmented oil treatment protects the wood surface and preserves its dark glow. With proper care, your smoked oak coffee table will remain beautiful and timeless for many years.

Add your personal touch to a smoked oak coffee table

At Wood Zone, we value individuality, and that is why you can customize your smoked oak coffee table according to your preferences. Choose from various table sizes and bases, ensuring you get a table that perfectly matches your decor and style. We offer both round and square table tops in smoked oak, and our table legs come in black powder-coated steel, wood, or a slat-constructed base, as seen on our WZ.12 dining table. Our goal is to help you find the ideal coffee table that reflects your personal taste.

Contact us and let us fulfill your desires

Dreaming of adding the unique character and beauty of smoked oak to your living room? Contact us today, and we will help you find the perfect smoked oak coffee table that will transform your decor, making your living room a cozy and stylish space. You can reach us via email at or by phone at +45 22 58 24 11.

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