Coffee tables in oak

Coffee tables in oak

An oak coffee table is a beautiful, timeless and durable addition to every home. Oak is known for its strength and natural beauty, and its a popular type of wood used for high quality furniture. An oak coffee table adds warmth, personality and elegance to your living room.

The icing on the cake for your home decor with a oak coffee table

A coffee table in oak has many functionalities. It may be used for drinks, snacks, books or the remote, and it may also be a central place for family- and friend gatherings.

However, an oak coffee table is much more that just a practical storage solution. It is a noticeable addition to the living room, and depending on the size, design, and treatment you choose, you will get a completely different look on the table and the room as a whole. At Wood Zone, coffee tables in oak are available in the colours “Pure”, “White 5%”, “Natural”, and smoked oak. Whether you prefer a light or dark nuance, you can find a coffee table that matches your taste and way of styling your home. You can also choose between different types of table legs for your table, depending on whether you like raw and modern steel or the more classic and timeless wooden legs with the same treatment as the table top.

Do you want to have a look at the different types of oak before you decide which table is the right one for you? This is possible in our showroomin Nørresundby or Aarhus, where you can see and feel the beautiful wooden tables. You can also order colour samples to decide which type of oak you like the most.

Help your oak coffee table live longer

Oak is known to be a timeless and durable choice of material for furniture. It is an easy wooden type to maintain and with the correct care, it will stay beautiful for many years. In order for protect and maintain the surface of your oak coffee table, you need to use products that have been produced specifically for oak.

You can buy the care products, which we also use in the production of the furniture. By using the same products after, you create the best conditions for a long lasting glow for your coffee table in solid wood. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in the correct care products and hence ensuring a long life span.

You can get more information on maintenance of wooden furniture here. It you are unsure how to treat your Wood Zone coffee table in oak, you are very welcome to contact us. We are specialised in everything regarding maintenance of oak, and are more than happy to share some good advise with you.

Do you have special wishes for your coffee table in oak?

Since 2015, Wood Zone have been poviding high quality wooden furniture, produced on our own carpentry in Northern Jutland. We have a special love for the traditional craftsmanship, and we have specialised in producing pretty, durable, and timeless furniture in different types of wood that matches every type of home regardless of the style.

No Wood Zone coffee table in oak are the same. Trees are different and the same goes for wooden furniture. Due to this, variation in snots, grain structure, and colour can appear, which is also part of what makes oak coffee tables unique and beautiful.

If you wish for an even more special table, fitted for your needs, this is possible. Contacts us with your wishes and we will look into the opportunities and get back to you as soon as possible.

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