Extension leaves for WZ.12 and WZ.13 round dining tables


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Only buy extension leaves if your dining table is prepared with extension system!

Have you already bought your WZ.12 or WZ.13 round dining table with extension but not with extension leaves, then buy them here. Select the size of your dining table and we will make your new extension leaves in either solid wood or black MDF, so they fit the size of your table. All extension leaves are 50 cm in the width – the length depends on the diameter of the table.

Attention! The extension leaves fit both WZ.12 and WZ.13 dining tables.

Thickness: 25 mm

NB Nuances and grain structures on finished products/components in wood may vary depending on the selected raw material.
Therefore, it is expected that ordered products can be both lighter or darker than what is depicted on pictures. Besides that, there can be more or less knots, more or less distinct grain structures.
Especially smoked oak can vary in colour depending on the amount of tannin acid in the wood, which is why lighter “stripes” or areas may occour on the finished product.
Knot can be expected on furniture made of solid wood. We fill the knots with knot glue in either black or brown nuances, depending on what is, from our side, considered the best match for the specific wood. This is done to protect the wood as much as possible and ensure an even surface.

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