Round oak tables

Round oak table

Round oak tables represent the classic choice that has always been a favorite in Danish homes. At Wood Zone, we have designed a unique range of round oak tables that highlight the timeless beauty and beautiful organic grain patterns. Our round oak tables come in three different oil treatments: RMC Pure (unpigmented), which adds a warm, natural glow, as well as the white-pigmented oils RMC Natural and RMC White 5%, which provide two different lovely light surfaces.

Beautiful organic shapes with a round oak table

For many years, the square dining table has been a favorite in Danish homes, but in recent years, many have discovered the round dining table. The pros of a round table is that all guests around it can see each other. No one sits at the end of the table, which allows everyone to participate in the conversation. Using solid oak for a round dining table is also a perfect combination. The round shape of the table and the beautiful grain patterns of oak create a good synergy that can add an organic and natural element to the dining room. Additionally, oak is a great choice for a dining table as it is an extremely durable hardwood. So, if you’re looking for a new dining table that can both add something special to your dining room and stay beautiful for many years, take a look at our round dining table models in oak WZ.12 and WZ.13.

Room for guests with a round oak dining table

Our selection of round dining tables in oak comes in various sizes, so there is something for every taste and every home. Whether you live in a small apartment, a classic detached house, or a large modern villa, we have a round oak dining table in an appropriate size:

Ø120 cm: Seats 4-5 people

Ø140 cm: Seats 5-6 people

Ø150 cm: Seats 6-7 people

Ø160 cm: Seats 6-8 people

Ø180 cm: Seats 9-11 people

Ø200 cm: Seats 12-14 people

But it is not just the size of the dining table you should consider. You also have the option to purchase up to two extension leaves for your round oak dining table from Wood Zone. The extension leaves are available in either solid oak or black MDF. With our smart extension system, it is easy to attach and detach the extension leaves from your new round table. You simply pull the table apart in the middle and add one or two extension leaves, depending on how many guests you need to accommodate. Each extension plate on the round dining table provides seating for a minimum of 2 extra guests.

The round oak table is a durable investment

All Wood Zone oak tables are treated with care. Our oil treatment is a durable hardwax oil that not only protects the wood from stains and discolouration but also enhances its natural beauty. The unpigmented RMC Pure oil adds a warm and natural glow to the wood, while the white-pigmented oils, RMC Natural and RMC White 5%, create a light and inviting surface. This treatment ensures that your round oak table stays beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Versatile selection of round oak coffee tables

A round oak coffee table from Wood Zone adds elegance and a natural element to the living room. In our range of round oak coffee tables, we have something for every taste – whether you prefer the raw contrast with black powder-coated steel legs, balanced round wooden legs, or a unique slatted frame, we have something for you. Across our different models of round oak coffee tables, we also have sizes for every type of home: Ø60 cm, Ø80 cm, or Ø90 cm. Wood Zone round oak coffee tables are versatile and suitable for different styles and needs, and by choosing different finishes online, every coffee table model can have a unique look. Use a round Wood Zone oak coffee table in the traditional way in front of the sofa, to place a lamp in the reading corner, or as a side table for drinks and snacks.

Contact us if you have questions about round oak tables

If you have questions or need advice about our round oak tables, please feel free to contact us by phone at +45 22 58 24 11 or via email at Our furniture is produced in our own carpentry in Northern Jutland, which allows us to accommodate special requests. If you dream of a unique, round table tailored to your needs, we are ready to help you make it a reality.

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